Thursday, 22 February, 2007

Are You A Good Listner?

Most of us lack the skill of listening to others which causes unnecessary tension, misunderstanding etc. It’s not only enough to speak your mind but it is also important that you give a patient ear to what others want to tell you. Moat of the times we try to dominate a discussion by increasing the volume of our vocal chord but that only increases tension and leads to arguments. Patience is the virtue. We expect others to listen to what we have to say but we forget to listen to others the way they do. Being egoistic and assertive for all the wrong reasons is not favorable.

Human life is very complicated and so is the human mind. We keep on learning in our lives every day and so we cannot demand that we know everything and turn a deaf ear what others say. It is a fact that we hate advices given by others because we think whatever we do and think is right. But we fail to understand is that no one is imposing anything on us that all the advices and suggestions should be acted upon and after listening to it its up to you whether you want to take them or not. No matter what our thoughts or acts are, listening to others may change our point of view for the better.

Listening to others carefully also helps us end conflicts and arguments in the right manner. What is the point in constantly raising your voice when you are actually not coming to a solution? Listen to the other part of the argument, may be there are justifications on the other side. To know a problem and find out the solution one needs to listen to what others have to say and then conclude.

A good listener can also be a comfort for friends as listening to your friend’s problems and also their thoughts make them feel wanted. So, what’s the harm in being a good listener when it has so many advantages? Try and become a good listener and see what wonders it will do to you.

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