Wednesday, 31 January, 2007

Bhagam Bhaag

Star cast: Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Jackie Shroff, Lara Dutta, Shakti Kapoor, Asrani.

Director: Priyadarshan

I was expecting a certain standard from a Priyadarshan movie when I entered the theatre but was very much disappointed. The story of the film is inspired by 3 south Indian movies – Malayalam movies ‘Manaar Mathai speaking’, ‘Akkare Akkare’ and a Tamil movie ‘Rakili Pattu’.
The movie starts with the leading actress of a drama company of which Akshay Kumar and Govinda are a part and is headed by Paresh Rawal. Then the hunt for another actress starts and so does the confusion. Lara Dutta enters acting as a mentally disturbed wife of a business man Arbaaz Khan with suicidal tendencies and with whom Akshay Kumar falls in love. Arbaaz kills his wife for her wealth and poses it as a suicide and he himself is killed by Jackie Shroff (police commissioner) and the blame falls on Akshay, Govinda and Paresh. Jackie at last turns to be Arbaaz Khans wife’s brother taking revenge for the death of his sister. Everything said and done the director him self gets so confused that the whole story line became lousy. The comedy was all forced in it. The music was not at all up to the mark except ‘Tere bin’ which was soothing enough otherwise the movie was a lousy one. The audience expected a laughing riot from the director of ‘hera pheri’, ‘phir Hera pheri’, ‘hulchul’, ‘chupke chupke’ and ‘garam masala’. It’s not worth watching a movie.

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Saturday, 20 January, 2007

Expectations And Relationships

Expectation has become a common word. Expectations are something we keep attaching to our relationships we share with others. This again leads us to dissatisfaction in a relationship. We have a tendency to expect so much out of a person and relationships that we tend to lose their identities. One thing should be remembered that nothing in this world is perfect nor are the people living in this world. It is when we attach expectations that we are usually dissatisfied.

Arithmetically the relationship between satisfaction and expectation may also be written as:

S= f (E, P)

Here S= Satisfaction, E= Expectation, P= Perceived performance. This shows satisfaction as a function of expectation and perceived performance. This implies that satisfaction is closely related to expectations. Similarly, in relationships as well expectations have a major role in either building a relationship or devastating a relationship. The more we expect from a person or a relationship more are we disappointed with the outcome of it. Everyone being an individual has different behaviors and thus one should not expect a person to behave in a particular way always or be exactly the ideal kind of person of your thoughts. Every relationship has its own purpose, its own way of nurturing itself and expectations will only bind it in its purview.

Never expect anything out of a person and a relationship because if it doesn’t turn out to be like what you expected you feel lost and betrayed. When you let a relationship free it shapes up beautifully and because you had no expectations clinging to it you accept it full heartedly and also enjoy all the aspects of it-good or bad. Follow this thumb rule and see how you are able to accept every part of a manifold relationship.

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Most of us are usually confused whether to invest in a mutual fund or invest in gold which our parents keep telling is an asset. Investment in gold has its pros and cons.

The positives of investing in gold:

  • Gold plays a very important role in Indian culture and society and has been considered an asset through time immemorial.
  • The liquidity factor of this asset also entices the investors, given the high volatile nature of equity market.
  • Possession of gold more than three years can gain you tax advantages.

The negatives of investing in gold:

  • The price of this asset fluctuates with the demand- supply balances.

  • In order to make profit from investing in gold one needs to buy it at a lower price and sell it at a higher price.

  • Long-term returns from holding gold compared to investing in equities or fixed deposits have been poor.

So, investing in gold has its advantages as well as disadvantages. But the decision criteria should be the amount of investment. If invested rightly investment in gold may surely be better than a fixed deposit. Again, one doesn’t get any dividends or interests by investing in gold.

The price of gold has reached an all-time high and its better to avoid buying gold now but given that the price of gold is going up internationally, it’s the best time to sell off any gold that you want to.

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Reliance - Not At All Reliable

Some of the hard and fast reliance users may be grateful to reliance because in some or the other way its helping them keep in touch with their partner at a low cost and may not agree with me but whatever I’m writing is purely based on my personal experience.

From the very beginning I was reluctant in getting a reliance connection for myself. The time reliance entered the market it created a boost because almost everyone from rickshaw wallas to puchka wallas were able to go mobile and my father kept on telling me to get a reliance connection for myself but I was never convinced. However recently I bought a smart connection (reliance GSM) along with all my friends so that we could speak to each other @ of 9 paise per minute and after a few days their call rates were suddenly increased to 19 paise per minute. OK, even that was tolerable but now we came to know that although smart recharges are available from Rs. 55 onwards we have to recharge with Rs. 110 and above with zero talk time and then top up with Rs. 99 and above to get Rs.40 talk time or else our talk plans will change. Who needs this? In what way do you call that smart?

Finally after a long time when I trusted reliance I never thought it would so religiously and graciously betray me. It never has a steady talk plan. It’s all a bait to get hold of customers but a very bad one to retain them. They don’t intend to tell you that it’s a smart idea for you to get a smart connection but are telling you that they are pretty smart in getting you trapped.

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Chocolates....hmmmm who doesn’t like them (of course there are exceptions). They are yummy and simply deliciously sweet. Chocolates have passed childhood and have blossomed into an urbane sophisticate. So the candies and lollipops are saved for the kids and when it comes to adults, chocolate it is!

Some still feel that the road to heaven is through the creamy goodness of a bar of chocolate. But there are certain facts related to our yummy chocolates

  • Make no mistake; chocolates are high in calories, even those that are sugar free.
    A 50 gm milk chocolate is worth 120 calories.

  • The nut rocks in the nut rocks or fruit dipped ones are invariably small in size comprising mostly plain nuts and very little chocolate.

  • A whole strawberry or date enveloped in a thin coating of chocolate sauce and solidified reduces the calorie count considerably.

It’s better to opt for a filled chocolate than a simple milk one because the usual diary chocolate will come with a high amount of plain sugar whereas a high end one with a luscious filling would come with the goodness of cocoa butter and the fillings.

According to the experts selecting the right chocolate is an art and here’s what you should watch out for:

  • A luscious piece of chocolate should have the innate pick-me-up feel about it, the kind you want to break the counter glass for.

  • When you break the piece into two, there should be a crisp snapping sound.
    On the other hand, if there is a liqueur filling, when you break the piece, the inside should ooze out in a single, shinning string.

  • Do not select any piece that has a whitish coating. This reveals that it hasn’t been tempered well.

  • Once you have bought them, keep away from sunlight and store (preferably) in an air conditioned room rather than the refrigerator.

Like good wine, upscale chocolates can cost a fortune. However who is bothered about calories, just indulge your self in your favorite fruit ‘n’ nut chocolate, but do be careful in selecting the good ones. Indulge!

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