Saturday, 23 December, 2006

Go Out Unplanned

Do you always plan and go out? It’s even more fun when you don’t really plan anything and go out with friends. Most of the times when we go out based on a rigid plan we really end up merely carrying out the charted plan like we will first go to a restaurant then to a park and if nothing else to do come back home rather than enjoying.

Just let your hair down and enjoy not implementing your plan. Next time you want to go to a certain place with your partner or friends say to Darjeeling and the day you are to leave for Darjeeling end up going to say Goa when others keep thinking you are at Darjeeling and let them keep guessing what you are up to. It will be real fun because even you are unaware of the enjoyable moments in store for you.

When you are out with friends you really don’t need a particular plan because someone has very rightly said that no matter what boring place you go ,when you are surrounded by your close friends every boring thing becomes automatically fun...when you don’t plan anything particularly then everything turns out by itself one by one and ultimately you end up enjoying these unplanned events and looking back at the day’s events a smile on your face unfolds unknowingly because that is something you didn’t keep reserved for yourself.....don’t believe?...Try going out unplanned the next time and find out for yourselves, what say?????

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Invisible Spending? Spend Smartly!

Do you come across certain circumstances in life when you decided to invest your earnings or pocket money wisely and ultimately end up with nothing to invest at the end of the month? Then the cause may be the new nail polish you bought or the amount you spend on your food because you don’t like the food in the office cafeteria or the college canteen.

The above happens with most of us. However there are a number of ways in which one can find a smart solution to these problems:
  • If you do not like the food available in canteen then get some healthy food packed from your home.
  • Drink coffee from the vending machine rather than spending in an expensive cafĂ©.
  • Carry water from home.
  • Walk the short distances and avoid taking a cab or some other mode of transportation.
  • Are you on the jury of the Oscars? Not really! so why watch all the new movies in the theatre? use the DVD player instead.
  • The incentives and bonuses are to be put in a separate account even if you are not investing it into fixed deposits or other feasible investments or you will just spend it away.
  • Keep an account on the spending of the credit cards because constant vigil keeps one in check always.
  • Try as much not to withdraw money from your account very frequently for every small reason.

So you see it’s just very simple to keep in check the invisible spending we usually ought to make by simply applying these simple and smart solutions. Try it.

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The Singur Naaraa

The Singur issue is being blown up by the political parties...regular bandhs, agitations, rallies, hunger strike are causing inconvenience to the general public.....obviously I like it only because it gives me a break in college with such tight schedules. But of course one cannot deny the fact that industrial set ups are important for the development of West Bengal and if these agitations persist no industrialist or multinationals will dare to set up anything for that matter in the state.

The Tata’s want to set up an industry in the state and it’s an honor for the state as well as a good opportunity for its economic development. This deal will become a source of employment in the state and it will also add up to the revenue of the government then why should we scream and shout against it? Industries need to exist or the business scenario as well as the economic scenario of the state will cease to exist. This issue should be in the interest of the general public. No one says the farmers don’t have their rights but why do they fail to realize that this deal will also give employment opportunities to the inhabitants there and the government should be supported by the public for setting up industries in the state or this state will never be able to develop.

Why do we need all these acts to be carried out which can only create bad impression of ours on the world. If this carries on which multinational or for that matter any other industrialist would even think of setting a unit here? We need to move forward with the time and the time needs us to break all barriers

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Who Moved My Cheese??????

That’s a book one must read for the simple reason that it is simple to understand, has a simple approach towards the changes that takes place in our personal lives as well as in our work place, simply makes us realize the simplest solutions we could apply to our problems. Isn’t that quite simple?

This book takes hardly half an hour or maximum 45 minutes to be read but within this short span it gives you an insight into how simply we can solve the problems and adjust to changes that occur in our life which in return helps us enjoy the new change by finding our selves a new cheese that means finding new goals. The best part of this book is that it has a dynamic application i.e. applicable in professional life as well as in personal lives. Most of us fear changes because we are accustomed to work the way we used to all this long and feel uncomfortable when we are confronted by a change. But change is not bad in fact it paves way for the achievement of new horizons. And this book tells us how exactly we can make ourselves comfortable to the change in front of us and have a positive attitude towards it.
It is a worth reading book which should not be underestimated by its thickness and simplicity.

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Potholes Potholes All The Way

Potholes have become a permanent feature rather characteristics of the roads of turn and look anyway and you will find potholes. The roads here are so bad that even if a little rain falls the roads are in a mess. Just near my house the whole road is covered by potholes and every ride on that road is too a bumpy ride and not to mention is dangerous when auto rickshaws and hand pulled rickshaws run on that because they can trip on them any time. Just yesterday an auto rickshaw tripped over on the road just in front of my house in Behala but fortunately no one got hurt. But of course it does not bother the municipality to repair these roads........yes until and unless there are elections coming up or unless an innocent life is taken away by these potholes or may be even that won’t stir them.

Why the hell are people paying taxes if the government does not make any attempt to maintain the many cases have been reported where potholes have caused deaths and can the government compensate for so many human lives including those of small kids. We really don’t need ministers in our country who only want to win the elections and once that’s over they simply forget their duties towards us.

Kolkata really has one of the messiest and dirtiest roads ...but why not maintain the roads and make them equally better to the roads of other cities in India. Do we really need the compliment “The roads here are wonderfully dirty”?

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Friday, 24 November, 2006

Programming - Not That Bad As I Thought

I have always hated computers...may be because I was never interested in it or may be I was never taught how to do those programs and stuffs the way it was suppose to be done....or may be my first year syllabus was so outdated and boring that I was never able to do a single programming. In fact I use to think how could these computer freaks actually fall in love with such a dumb thing ....and the worst thing is that they actually feel as if the whole world is somewhat concentrated on that stupid computer screen. My big brother always tells me that if I carry on this attitude of mine towards computers I will end up nowhere for in today’s world u really need to have the knowledge of computers irrespective of the fact whether you like it or ridiculous but factual.

However, things have quite changed after I started doing c programming because I somewhat found it interesting. I had learned fox pro in my first year and it made me hate programming coz it always went above my head and I could never understand how it would actually benefit us when today it is considered outdated. but yes, now I think I was wrong...coz after all programming isn’t that bad if u are taught the right way and the right thing I mean not so old stuffs that are not applicable today...come on we management students need to know excel and stuffs but not fox pro that’s so outdated. Another reason why I now like programming is that I am able to understand and able to do it. Lets see if I feel the same way in future as well..

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Wanna Buy Gifts?? Why Not Hand Make Them??

Most of us are always tensed when it comes to that special person's birthday or some other special occasion coz we need to buy gifts for him/her. We keep on hunting all round the city to get hold of an apt gift that will make him/her feel special.....and ultimately end up buying something that we are not satisfied with but at the sane time are unable to spend much time on it coz the occasion may be on the next day.

But the point remains that when we are actually devoting so much of time on hunting the gift and spending so much on it then why not take some extra effort and ‘make’ something for him/her...... and trust me making something for your love is more valuable than anything that you buy from a shop until and unless it is something that needs a whole manufacturing unit to be made. Sometimes even by making small things for your loved one can make him/her feel very special.

If you are an artistic person then why not make a nice glass painting for him/her or stitch a nice handkerchief for him or spray paint a nice t-shirt for him or a top for her with a nice message on it or even a nice hand made card. If you are not into art then why not make something with readymade materials like a bracelet for him and a nice anklet for her with beads and other materials available in the market.

In fact why should you restrict yourself to your love whereas you can also make your loved one's feel special like your parents, brothers, sisters and even your best friend? You might need to devote a major portion of your time to make your loved one's feel special but ultimately at end of the day what counts is that extra effort taken by you to get that perfect extra smile on your loved one's face....isn’t that worth it?

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School Friends

We all have enjoyed our school lives. For some college life had been more fun and for others school life remains the fun factor. We loved the way we used to bunk classes, doing all sorts of mischievous things and above all loved the way we were bonded in that bond of friendship. In spite of sharing so much during school time why do school friends not last long always? Why do we all of a sudden become so occupied once we move on in life from school to college? We make new friends in college ...but can they substitute the friends we made in school?...may be not.

We meet very rarely if our schedules permit and try to keep contact through phone calls....but if all take some efforts it is actually not difficult to keep in touch because I have seen so many friends who don't even live in the same city but still keep in touch very well.....I mean think about those people who still have their childhood friends so close to them as they were when they can keep up their friendship why not us?

Life goes on and on, we meet new people and they become a part of our lives in different ways but still some where we miss those school days, we miss our fun days and we miss our school friends.

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Can You Accept Your Faults And Mistakes?

‘To err is human and to forgive is divine’...we have all heard this and we all are humans so its obvious we do make mistakes I our lives but the point remains do we actually learn from our mistakes or not? Do we accept them or not?

Experience teaches us many things....and till we die we go through a learning process in life. When we make mistakes people condemn us but that shouldn’t stop us from accepting our faults. By ‘accepting’ I mean to realize you made a mistake and at the same time ensure that you don’t repeat it. Many a people do not accept their faults but they forget that if you realize your mistakes you can easily learn out of it no matter how small that incident might be. For e.g. say I’m making cake for the first time and bake it in the wrong temperature and it gets all burned up so I learn from it to carefully set the right temperature the next time. Again when we say something to our friend which made him/her feel bad then we make sure not to speak that way to him/her the next time..... In this way we learn from the slightest of our mistakes and that again helps us to learn from our bigger mistakes in life.

So you see it’s very simple to learn from your mistakes and all of us go through such incidents day in and day out. Realizing and accepting your mistakes makes you superior and not inferior and there’s nothing to be ashamed of....So go ahead and become a learner.

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How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days!!

Relax!!!! Don’t get excited I am not writing the different techniques through which you can actually do that. It’s actually the name of a movie, a real funny and sweet one. It stars Oscar nominee Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) and Mathew McConaughey of the ‘A Time to Kill’ and ‘The Sahara’ fame. The movie is about the battle of the sexes. It is also a runaway comedy hit.

Kate Hudson plays the role of a columnist of a magazine, Andy Anderson and agrees to write a first hand account on what it takes to drive a man out of your life in just 10 days. On the other hand an ad agency bachelor Benjamin Barry played by Mathew McConaughey also takes a bet that he can lure any women and make her fall in love with him that also in just 10 days and then on starts a series of funny deceptions which goes ahead to prove that when you actually fall in love you really cant keep on lying to your heart.

A movie worth watching and enjoyable so if you can get hold of the movie then do watch it.... you wont regret watching it.

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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!! Or Does It?

Who says an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Just look at the newspaper how a 21 year old model died who lived on a diet of apples and tomatoes both of which are nutritious. I mean how can even somebody think of going for such a hard diet? The condition was so bad that she who had some 6 feet something height just weighed 40 kgs when she died just to remain thin....Oooops skinny to take her career to greater heights. And we hear that another 22 years old model died dieting on lettuce and diet drinks.

Dieting might be helpful to shed some weight but if it is done in the right way and in right proportion. I still remember one of my friends in school was on an all liquid dieting just to loose a few kgs for a party two days later so that the new black dress she bought could fit her perfectly and every day she used to get some drink and keep on drinking that during breakfast, lunch and dinner and nothing else. Ultimately she fell ill and was on a bed rest because the doctor actually told her that there was no more blood in her body. These kinds of diets give a dread.

Forget these dreadful dieting techniques and go for a better alternative to shed those extra kilos like exercising which helps you in losing weight as well as keeps you fit or go for a good nice walk every morning. So next time you think of having all day only apples think twice because it really doesn’t keep doctors away if you loose control over it.

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Thursday, 16 November, 2006

Laugh At Life

Life is a joyful ride and one needs to be a smiler to enjoy life a lot better. Most of the times our friends laugh at something silly we said and we feel hurt. Why feel hurt when you can actually laugh it off yourself and take it lightly. How many times have you got upset or backfired when somebody poked a gentle fun at you? Most of us react to things in a much tougher way than actually intended.
Try to see something funny in most of the things happening in your life... of course not all because someone who laughs all time can be irritating. No one likes a person who cannot understand what a particular situation demands. When a situation demands seriousness be serious but don’t stop laughing at funny instances or having fun in life by always keeping a rigid face. Obviously we wont laugh in between a serious discussion but why not laugh or have little bit fun in between your work or studies for that matter....I mean there is actually no harm in doing that because it relieves you of the stress of work or studies and lets you relax and feel refreshed.
People like being with someone who has a good sense of humour and not who always gets upset on every thing he/she comes across in life. Try relaxing your attitude....after all it’s not a crime to have fun or laugh for that matter. Life can be beautiful and enjoyable only if you make it that way.
Enjoy life to its fullest and you may never know when your attitude towards life gave others a reason to smile and enjoy theirs....hmmmm not a bad idea after all.

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Possessiveness - Enjoyable Upto Some Extent

Do you feel annoyed when your best friend speaks to some other friend of his/her too often? Feeling that way is fine because this feeling of yours comes due to the close relationship you share with your friend. But how far should you encourage this is a cause of concern. It’s good to be possessive but ‘over possessiveness’ might become a cause of rift in your friendship. You might not like it if your friend goes out with some other friend of his/her when you would like to spend time with your friend. But you should understand that your friend has other friends and might want to spend some time with them as well. You need to give space to your friend and vice-versa and not keep clinging on to each other or else this will result in you losing your best friend. No body wants to stay in an environment that’s suffocating.
Who doesn’t like some possessiveness? Who doesn’t like the feeling that you are a special person for your friend? In fact we all enjoy up to some extent this possessiveness but no one wants a friend who doesn’t understand you and the people around you.
Friendship is loving, caring, supporting and protecting your friend but not suffocating the person with your ‘over possessiveness’. Obviously your friend didn’t sign any contract stating that he/she will not speak or go out with anyone else other than you, then why not understand your friend and be protective and caring and up to some extent possessive and nurture the friendship to greater heights of understanding and support.

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Monday, 13 November, 2006

Take Criticism The Right Way

What do you do when someone picks faults with what you you feel angry or you keep your cool and stay calm? When was it last when your mother in law found fault with your cooking and you internally created a grudge for her saying she is always after finding your faults or when was it last when one of your good friends openly told you that you behaved awfully at a recent party at your friend's place and you ultimately concluded that your friend wasn’t that good after all and hence started avoiding him/her? Actually most of us do not take our criticisms in the right way, that is because we do not give a moment to it and give it a thought. Why not take these on a positive note and try and take advantage of this? Some of us always assume wrongly and take every criticism very personally but the fact remains that they are not criticizing you but your actions and there lies the difference.
Sometimes the criticism may be justifiable and sometimes not. Sometimes the people who criticize you have your interests at heart and trust me it’s the best way to know your faults because until and unless they interrupt any of our actions that’s not right how will we ever come to know that what we were doing all this while was something not appreciated by people around us? Try to look at it objectively and then decide whether to respond or not...if yes then how to respond.
Another category of people just either don’t notice or just ignore it. Now that shouldn’t be your behavior as sometimes listening to your criticism helps you to even understand yourself better and also help you improve yourself which in return changes you and your perception for the better. Listen to your critics before dismissing them outright. You may not like what you hear but take time to think about it and act accordingly. This will result in you gaining more respect and of course more self respect as well. Go ahead... be a sport and take things the right way!!!

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Touchy Touchy Matters

By the phrase touchy touchy matters here I mean a phenomenon that most of us girls go through in life...most of the times we experience unwanted male organs being rubbed against our bodies in a packed bus or take for that matter trains or any other crowded place. Please can anybody explain what is the motive or logic or whatever you call that behind this? Is it some kind of a hobby for the people or some kind of mental satisfaction that they get by doing so or are they so frustrated that they cant even spare kids who don’t understand what exactly they are going through?
These experiences can take a toll over children which can affect them very badly.... For god’s sake.....what heavenly experience do they get by rubbing their private parts against us for 3-4 seconds or just rubbing their shoulders over ours or just touching our hands? Can’t women be respected and cant people understand what kind of mental torture that is for people who are experiencing these? People should understand that it’s really hard for us to go through these when we return home tired after our work back home or after a whole hectic day doing our classes and tuitions...I mean this would be the last thing we would like to experience at the end of the day...really till today I dread going in a packed bus after my classes because I’ve had experienced these before and yes if people are of the opinion that it is because we don’t dress decently and motivate people to behave in that manner and crap like that...then please let me remind you that girls who are dressed decently even from top to bottom covering themselves also experiences this and so we can’t be blamed for other peoples action that are absolutely consciously done without the help of any motivators on our part. But one thing we should remember is that we need to be bold and even slap the person if needed or they just won’t stop....why should we bear something that we don’t deserve? Think about it...

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