Monday, 12 February, 2007

Wrap It Your Way

Most of the times we receive gifts and go crazy about the beautiful packing aren’t it? This is the world of creative packing that makes us feel like a committing a crime to open it. With Valentines Day coming up why not woo your valentine by gifting him/her a special gift in an even special packaging this time. So go rummaging the markets with your purse and go shopping to create an exquisitely packed valentine day gift. Need not worry in case your budget is going low cause you can spend smartly and pack the gift in an even smarter and creative way(in fact this will impress your valentine even more cause you have presented her a gift in an economical package so beautiful). In order to do this all you need is:

  • Plain and designed, metallic colored, plastic wrapping papers (silver/ gold/bright colors) or self- painted wrapping paper.

  • Plain or designed cellophane papers of different colors and prints.

  • Colored crepe paper, handmade sheets.

  • Bright colored satin ribbons of different widths.

  • Cello tapes, double sided tapes, glue stick, scissors, cutter, ruler, pencil and eraser.

  • Get hold of glitter tubes poster paints as well as glitter dust pouches of different colors.

  • Also start collecting small crystals, small bells, floral motifs, beads, heart shaped cut-outs, strings of different metals and colors and paper flowers.


  1. Place your gift in the centre of a wrapping paper or handmade paper or metallic paper that you have selected.
  2. Wrap the paper tightly around the gift and secure all the sides with cello tapes, making sure that all the sides have been neatly folded.

  3. Choose a cellophane paper of your choice and wrap it all over the wrapped gift.

  4. Now place a motif or nay other accessory collected by you and secure it with double sided cello tape or a transparent one.

  5. Dust loose glitter over the package to give that extra touch.

  6. If you have crystals, beads or stones wrap it over the motif to secure thoroughly.

  7. For a glam touch take a ribbon that matches your gift and wrap it on all 4 sides and make a tight bow with flowing ends. Curl the ends to make it attractive. Make sure that the bow is on the opposite side of the motif.

Bravo! Here’s your gift all wrapped and ready to make your valentine go gaga over it (what an impression).

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