Saturday, 23 December, 2006

Go Out Unplanned

Do you always plan and go out? It’s even more fun when you don’t really plan anything and go out with friends. Most of the times when we go out based on a rigid plan we really end up merely carrying out the charted plan like we will first go to a restaurant then to a park and if nothing else to do come back home rather than enjoying.

Just let your hair down and enjoy not implementing your plan. Next time you want to go to a certain place with your partner or friends say to Darjeeling and the day you are to leave for Darjeeling end up going to say Goa when others keep thinking you are at Darjeeling and let them keep guessing what you are up to. It will be real fun because even you are unaware of the enjoyable moments in store for you.

When you are out with friends you really don’t need a particular plan because someone has very rightly said that no matter what boring place you go ,when you are surrounded by your close friends every boring thing becomes automatically fun...when you don’t plan anything particularly then everything turns out by itself one by one and ultimately you end up enjoying these unplanned events and looking back at the day’s events a smile on your face unfolds unknowingly because that is something you didn’t keep reserved for yourself.....don’t believe?...Try going out unplanned the next time and find out for yourselves, what say?????

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Invisible Spending? Spend Smartly!

Do you come across certain circumstances in life when you decided to invest your earnings or pocket money wisely and ultimately end up with nothing to invest at the end of the month? Then the cause may be the new nail polish you bought or the amount you spend on your food because you don’t like the food in the office cafeteria or the college canteen.

The above happens with most of us. However there are a number of ways in which one can find a smart solution to these problems:
  • If you do not like the food available in canteen then get some healthy food packed from your home.
  • Drink coffee from the vending machine rather than spending in an expensive cafĂ©.
  • Carry water from home.
  • Walk the short distances and avoid taking a cab or some other mode of transportation.
  • Are you on the jury of the Oscars? Not really! so why watch all the new movies in the theatre? use the DVD player instead.
  • The incentives and bonuses are to be put in a separate account even if you are not investing it into fixed deposits or other feasible investments or you will just spend it away.
  • Keep an account on the spending of the credit cards because constant vigil keeps one in check always.
  • Try as much not to withdraw money from your account very frequently for every small reason.

So you see it’s just very simple to keep in check the invisible spending we usually ought to make by simply applying these simple and smart solutions. Try it.

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The Singur Naaraa

The Singur issue is being blown up by the political parties...regular bandhs, agitations, rallies, hunger strike are causing inconvenience to the general public.....obviously I like it only because it gives me a break in college with such tight schedules. But of course one cannot deny the fact that industrial set ups are important for the development of West Bengal and if these agitations persist no industrialist or multinationals will dare to set up anything for that matter in the state.

The Tata’s want to set up an industry in the state and it’s an honor for the state as well as a good opportunity for its economic development. This deal will become a source of employment in the state and it will also add up to the revenue of the government then why should we scream and shout against it? Industries need to exist or the business scenario as well as the economic scenario of the state will cease to exist. This issue should be in the interest of the general public. No one says the farmers don’t have their rights but why do they fail to realize that this deal will also give employment opportunities to the inhabitants there and the government should be supported by the public for setting up industries in the state or this state will never be able to develop.

Why do we need all these acts to be carried out which can only create bad impression of ours on the world. If this carries on which multinational or for that matter any other industrialist would even think of setting a unit here? We need to move forward with the time and the time needs us to break all barriers

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Who Moved My Cheese??????

That’s a book one must read for the simple reason that it is simple to understand, has a simple approach towards the changes that takes place in our personal lives as well as in our work place, simply makes us realize the simplest solutions we could apply to our problems. Isn’t that quite simple?

This book takes hardly half an hour or maximum 45 minutes to be read but within this short span it gives you an insight into how simply we can solve the problems and adjust to changes that occur in our life which in return helps us enjoy the new change by finding our selves a new cheese that means finding new goals. The best part of this book is that it has a dynamic application i.e. applicable in professional life as well as in personal lives. Most of us fear changes because we are accustomed to work the way we used to all this long and feel uncomfortable when we are confronted by a change. But change is not bad in fact it paves way for the achievement of new horizons. And this book tells us how exactly we can make ourselves comfortable to the change in front of us and have a positive attitude towards it.
It is a worth reading book which should not be underestimated by its thickness and simplicity.

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Potholes Potholes All The Way

Potholes have become a permanent feature rather characteristics of the roads of turn and look anyway and you will find potholes. The roads here are so bad that even if a little rain falls the roads are in a mess. Just near my house the whole road is covered by potholes and every ride on that road is too a bumpy ride and not to mention is dangerous when auto rickshaws and hand pulled rickshaws run on that because they can trip on them any time. Just yesterday an auto rickshaw tripped over on the road just in front of my house in Behala but fortunately no one got hurt. But of course it does not bother the municipality to repair these roads........yes until and unless there are elections coming up or unless an innocent life is taken away by these potholes or may be even that won’t stir them.

Why the hell are people paying taxes if the government does not make any attempt to maintain the many cases have been reported where potholes have caused deaths and can the government compensate for so many human lives including those of small kids. We really don’t need ministers in our country who only want to win the elections and once that’s over they simply forget their duties towards us.

Kolkata really has one of the messiest and dirtiest roads ...but why not maintain the roads and make them equally better to the roads of other cities in India. Do we really need the compliment “The roads here are wonderfully dirty”?

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